Bulova Dual Wood Mantel and Table Clock

There were so many jokes on this item during the last woot off.

Can you have it show two separate times or can they only be synced to one time?

Can someone please explain the purpose of two clocks right next to each other? Serious question I want to know…

It’s great to have wood at the right time

They can be synced to two different time zones if that is what you are asking.

I got mine for $39.99 from moofti. this is a much better deal. The clocks have separate works inside so the clocks can be set to whatever time you want.

For rich people who have nothing better to do?

dual wood…hehe

One for each eye.

Use the glasses for your 3D television for a secret message from the mother ship :wink:

It would take you less time to read the description than it would for you to post a question and then patiently wait for an answer.

good stocking stuffer for parents who live in a different time zone… or a great way to track how long woot is down each time.

There is one of the jokes I was referring too.

Dual time clock, with no date or AM/PM indicator? Seriously?

its for people who no longer drink to relive that 2am double vision!! Good Times!!!Good times!!

$10 cheaper than when I bought last woot off. Oh well.

As far as the usefulness of 2 clocks in one…I didn’t have to reset after daylight savings time. That’s something.

And yes, it does sit on my mantle.

Desk clock. If part of you daily job is talking to other in other parts of the country, this makes it simple to see the time on the other coast or in another country.

Someone should figure out how to make a stereogram clock out of this that TELLS TIME IN 3D.

Lol thats a good one!

one clock can tell you if the other clock is too fast or slow