Bulova Dual Wood Mantel and Table Clock

Wow, now you can tell time with each eye.

Is this for crosseyed people so they can see the time correctly?

for those drunk nights…

A stereo clock.

love mine

I got a nice one of these in Tijuana once.

Looks like a time clock for playing competitive chess.

this looks like something you’d get for free for opening a checking account. just sayin.

Two time zones but picture shows the same time. Hmmm… nice marketing pic.

This actually looks kinda cool. And it’s pretty big.

3 months ago ago it was $40 on Mooʇ¡

its dual for that 3D effect…

It’s the eyes of WALL-E!!!

Looks like a chess clock, minus the buttons!

You know what they say… time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

Is this worth getting?

One is AM, the other PM.

Best price is $63 at amazon from froogle.


nice price.

supposed to be for 2 time zones. Although the picture has them set for the same time which is pretty stupid. Good to have if someone is overseas.

isn’t it neat how they can make wood look like plastic now…