Bunch O Balloons 100 Water Balloons

Bunch O Balloons 100 Water Balloons

Come on TT! You guys are only letting us order 1 of these? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Send me a PM if you need another one…

Your profile isn’t public so I guess I can’t private message you?

You can still do it from the main Messages page.

Well, I got 1 of them ordered. My grandkids will go through them in about 30 seconds :wink:

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Thanks Froodyfrog. I would have ordered a half a dozen or so, but I did get one ordered with my prime account.

I suspect since it’s a clearance item, Woot limiting everybody to one is fair so a buncha people can get in on the action :wink:


But can’t I get in on the action by sending it to you though?

I’m not sure where I find the main messages page? Can you just message me and I can reply that way?

Dammit!! As I was trying to buy they sold out

Good deal. Limited quantity. Spreading the joy.