Bunch of Cleaner

Yaw, already left me with ‘never gonna happen’ …and DONT have11.5 hrs 2 spend on it anymore…i need 2 focus on other priorities and not get caught up n the woot dev/release issues…i like woot and my grotto friends…but this wootoff stuff is messed up

Yay 4 u!


Tables got really expensive to replace.

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Put me in the cancellation column :frowning:

@ThunderThigh s I’ve been Wooting long enough to know this whole dog & pony show is designed around frustration & disappointment rather than fulfillment & satisfaction but this was a 1st for me & when coupled with the rest of my failures & cancelations today this experience really pisses on my patience.

Could you possibly explain to me how it is possible to go through the entire order process quickly & with no hangups until the “processing payment” page & after a fairly legthy wait I got a cancelation email even though my card was never charged & I was still stuck on the processing payment screen. So since my order was already cancelled I closed the app to get off of where I was stuck but upon reopening the app I see my frustration quickly shifted towards anger when I see that the BOC is still available. I was able to cart 1 & make it all the way through checkout again to the “processing payment” screen where I again sat & watched the wheel of no crap spin until after several minutes I once again received a cancelation email without my card ever being charged. So on top of explaining how this is possible can you also tell me have you ever seen someone be able to have their orders cancelled 2 times for the same BOC? It would seem to me that if after making through to the point of receiving a cancelation email that there were apparently still BOCs available then my 1st order should not have been canceled.


Well, I got 4 BOC’s today.

…And then I got 4 BOC’s taken away from me today.

Good memories


I had one then Woot sent me a crappy :joy: email stating I didn’t receive one.:woman_facepalming::thinking::smiling_face_with_tear:

That was such a quick “autoreply” that I’m not sure if you even read my message but apparently the answer was pretty simple… Woot! Broken!


Me too- two cancelled order on same BOC. Of course, it’s the closest I’ve gotten since I got my last one….9 years ago.

Wonder if there is going to be a LEFTOVERS category???

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Congrats to the fortunate acrollers


Yes same here. I haven’t won anything since they allowed these bots in here. I usually don’t try anymore on the contest anymore. I did try this once again, only to see the order cancel again.


I must be out of the loop, how did you get so lucky? I thought we could only get one every 30 days?


If you consider having every one of your orders canceled “lucky” then I want a different type of luck. :laughing:


I DEMAND a butthurt badge!



Full service.

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Snagged one. Then they cancelled it and didn’t let me know. Jerkfaces. Was looking forward to my first BOC

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