Bunch of Cynics

Bunch of Cynics

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I decline thank you.


lol now that can’t buy tripping over them


Join the line anyway - we’ve got donuts!

You get a bag of crap! And you get a bag of crap! Everybody gets a bag of crap!

Again in the VOP. Vestibule of pestilence. Waiting room of doom. I can’t click any faster.

Not everybody.

So if I open in the app get VOP then open on computer and get VOP, does that reset my app waiting position based on opening on computer?

I finally got one!!! 20 times of clicking buy at 100%. no VOP

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I finally got one! Yay! Thanks woot! Not surprised I got the one called “Bunch of Cynics” :wink:

I looked at the forums for just a moment, and…vop. :frowning:


I got one!!!

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sold out

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In the unending app VOP. I also opened one on the PC at 3% just so I know when I should actually leave on the app.

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¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

They could confuse each other if both end up getting processed around the same time. They’d think you already had an order. Not sure but that’s what I was told.


14 years and never a boc. Seriously! Better off going to a casino.

There she goes starting rumors again. Most likely with a maniacal laugh. :slight_smile: