Bundle Sale: Aprons

Exciting! Now my very first print is also available as an apron! I’m still new to the terms and agreements. Does this fall under the “Woot’s allowed to use this how it wants” category, or the “If Woot uses this for other media you get no more than $2 per” category? Mama has bills to pay. :slight_smile:

I’d probably buy one if it was free shipping :confused: Not much of a deal here unless you want to buy 3+ aprons

Would you turn “Making Biscuits” into an apron? I’d order that one in a flash!

Generally you get paid commission every time your design prints on anything. =^_^=

It’ll get offered again in due time. I got mine in the first run, and it was re-offered last November

I run the Hospitality Suite at a local SF con (InConJunction). Just ordered 4 for the staff to wear when they’re on duty!

My husband will be so stoked. Got him the kneading bread apron. He bugged me for several months he wanted that shirt and then offhandedly said he would like it as an apron form. Now that it’s a reality, I snagged one for him.

He’s one of those crazy cat guys. Has at least 4 cat shirts from here. I’m more of a dog person and I jist have to deal with his 13 lb. cat.