Bundle Sale: Bundle Sale: Pi Tees and Pie Aprons

Today at Shirt.Woot, instead of one design in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you a Shirt Sale so awesome, it’s 3.14159265359 out of 5 stars

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

LINK TO THE SALE: http://shirt.woot.com/plus/bundle-sale-pi-tees-and-pie-aprons-1


These shirts make me so hap-pi! Especially Magnum Pi.

I want this on a t-shirt!

Add “Da Nang” to the cap and I’d be as rabid as the lads chasing Magnum.

I too want this on a shirt!

Thanks for the print woot! Congrats to everyone else who printed as well.

“Ends on February 17” - are the new aprons only available for one day?

I could be wrong, but I figured that they will still be available for awhile in a new sale after today, but not at this price. But that’s just complete supposition on my part.

I believe they should be the same price since this acts as a “bundle sale” (i.e. we make up the difference in $$ with shipping/bulk purchases).

The lesson here being that suppositions work about the same as assumptions,lol.

It’s complete crap that the +5 of baking sold out. I hope they will make it again as it’s the only one I wanted. I would have paid more for it too. It’s exactly the colors I wanted. UGH. The stupid Woot email showed up AFTER it had sold out.

Oh no! I didn’t get one either and it’s my design. :frowning: I hope there are more for sale in the near future. I want one too!

I have been reassured that at the very least, it will be back in stock tomorrow when the sale moves down into the Plus sale area.

Awesome! Thank you for checking into it, ADQ! :slight_smile:

I just got an email these are shipping late. Will they still arrive by 3.14? If not, what is the point?

I was just wondering the same thing!

I have gotten nothing but insincere and not very nice email replies to my inquiries. I was told I can’t have a refund and they won’t guarantee they will be here. That’s very rude.

It would seem they definitely outsource help desk support. After several back and forth emails I recieved one yesterday that said: according to sale page the items would ship 3/2. Too bad that email was sent 3/4 and I still don’t have shipment information!

I received my Pi shirts today with a few days to spare before Pi Day.

The lengthy delivery of the shirts was pretty aggravating.

I got that email as well. I kinda would like an explanation as to WHY, knowing that the weather was going to be bad, they did not print early for those with their orders in early. I ordered before the last date of sale for myself and several co-workers who are now saying they may not pay ME for their shirt because of the delay in shipping if it does not get here by Pi Day at work which it should have if not for the weather. Being in the Midwest, they don’t quite understand that weather than minor up here would shut down cities in the south.

It is the paying for late shipping that is irking me, that and the email that they sent trying to feign humor rather than offering a solution. If I had known that they would ship late, I would have paid for a rush! I ordered something from Amazon and it was shipping from the south where there was weather affecting shipping and they bumped me up to the next shipping level to make up for the late shipping, in hopes that it would arrive on time. Got it yesterday.

I’ve been Wooting for a while, but the past year has been very iffy with things arriving on time, together, or arriving at all. I still look in the Stuff I Bought and get upset when I see the item that never arrived. I hope things get better soon.