Bundle Sale: Grammar & Weirdo Wear

Today at Shirt.Woot it’s a BUNDLE SALE!!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

LINK TO THE OFFER: http://shirt.woot.com/plus/bundle-sale-grammar-weirdo-wear


Weirdo wear? Right up my alley. Thanks!

Appropriate moment for a “this is quite a pickle” shirt to show up. Will this turn into a normal plus sale or just disappear in 24 hrs?

Some of these designs are awesome!!!

TB… M? $8.00? Great price for these kewl (yep, did that) designs.

When did Shirtwoot start charging shipping for T-shirts? Or is it a mistake?

For those that didn’t notice, there’s a reason the shirts are only $8. The standard $5 woot shipping fee applies to the items in the “Bundle Sale” category. Their other shirt sales will still have the traditional free shipping. It’s something different they’re trying out. Read here for more info.

Sorry for the delay in response I wanted to check with the shirt peeps- but yes indeedy, this sale will move on tomorrow down the page with the same “bundle” status and with the same prices.

Can someone explain the shirt with the rainbow that says Because on it? I must’ve missed something and I’m totally confused…

It’s a cowboy ninja wielding a lollipop and riding a koalacorn against a harfing rainbow backdrop. And that’s about as much sense that’s necessary to understand it. :slight_smile:

(The derby theme was weirdo wear.)

For $8.00, I’ll send my son to third grade in a “Because” shirt…


Just because.

A Shatner shirt with TNG graphics?

You blew that.

Got all excited when I saw the $8, and then saw the shipping :frowning:

There is only 1 shirt I’m interested in, and don’t want to pay $13 vs usual pricing so I’ll pass.

Ironically, the banner on the graphic across the lower row of three shirts that begins with “20 New Designs” has the word “weirdo” misspelled. I don’t think that’s intentional since it’s correct on the title.

It’s their way to get you to buy more than one, at a time. If you buy two, it’s only $10.50, 3 - $9.67… You get the idea.