Bundle Sale: Guess the Theme

Misfits? One of a kinds?

I really want the theme to be dragons somehow. Or superhero movies or a link to Japan but then there should be turtles somewhere. Yes, need sleep.


2014 movies?

They’re not …

  • catshirts :frowning:
  • all derby
  • first (or third) prints
  • all editor’s choice
  • 6-color prints

I’m stumped …

Adjusted nature?

Imagination, perhaps?

There’s some that are that directly, and others are, while references, they still have to do with that.

Or updated nature?

Oscar nominees for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Visual Effects


You are tricksy - there is no theme


Imagination and adventure

Abstract Pop culture



You got it! You guys are too good. We’ll get you set up with some free tee coupons tomorrow.

Congrats, Cantatus!

Is the theme "childhood " ? Or child’s imagination??