Bundle Sale: Journals

I have bundled…

Woot. For the first time since you first started selling journals…you’ve finally gotten it right. Bundled.

o.o For the first time since I first saw journals for sale, I don’t see a single one I really want. Some of the designs I really enjoy just look like they make far better shirts/other than journals.

Guess it doesn’t help I was really hoping you’d bring back Sword or Pen >.<

so I finally ordered a couple journals awhile back…had been hesitant because I was afraid the binders would crack/break easily.

I was assured they would not…and I have to say they are very well made!

I have taken some photos for those of you are still not so sure about these…






only other thing is if u tear out a page the edges are a bit rough…but not a big deal…I don’t think you are really supposed to rip out pages in a journal anyway!


Getting more today!

Please add a spiral bind and perforated option to future journals. that would make instant multi-buy for me.

Is the ship date correct? Over a month from now?

From my understanding, the majority of these were new designs, so they needed to be printed.

Hi, I’m pretty unfamiliar to Woot. What does bundle sale mean? I’ve been wanting some journals and I remember the last one (that I narrowly missed out on) was new in that the journals were only $7 with $5 shipping for the group instead of $12 each. Is that what bundle refers to?

Also, how often do designs come back on these? I was really into the Playing Koi and Treasure of the Deep designs on the last sale but they were sold out. Any chance I’d get another shot at them in the future?

I am fairly familiar with woot, but I am wondering the same thing. It would be helpful if the bundle aspect of the bundle sales was explained somewhere obvious.

Below the “Add To Cart” button there is a link to the blog post about bundle sales (on desktop, not mobile). It’s right here .

Basically a bundle sale means the shipping costs is separated from the price. This means you save money if you buy more than one thing from a bundle sale in the same order.

Journals are usually $12 (unlined) or $13 (lined, maybe graphed too) but that is with free shipping. Now in these bundle sales, you DO pay the $5 shipping, but if you put all your choices in your cart and check everything out at the same time, you come out ahead by getting the lower price for a bunch of journals. The $5 shipping is charged every time you check out*, so use the cart!

*$5 is not charged on regular shirt orders.

Also, I got a Playing Koi in the last sale. I was debating whether to get lined or unlined when the unlined sold out in my cart, so that made my decision easy! I think woot reruns the designs somewhat regularly, so keep watch!

Oh gosh it was right there haha. Thanks for the answer!

Aah, I’m jealous! Will definitely keep watch; I’m not missing it again.

Ahh, I see it now. Thank you. That is rather obvious, and I feel silly for having missed it.

However, I think it would be helpful to also have that link somewhere on the main bundle sale page, for people who don’t get as far as adding things to their cart, because they want to figure out what the bundle sale means, first.

These journals are over priced and over rated. I know I bought one for $13.00. I will never buy one again, ever. Never.

Are these college or wide ruled?

College ruled.

Can you expound on why they are overrated? I can understand the overpriced comment I guess.