Bundle Sale: Journals

The the pages lined?

Some are, some aren’t. Just be sure to select ‘Lined’ from the product page.

How many journals per bundle in this “Bundle Sale?”

That’s up to you! By bundle, we just mean buying multiple journals will save you monies.

I’m not getting it. I put 5 in my cart and it said it’d be $40. Where’s the savings?

The journals are usually $12 or $13, these as far as I’ve checked are $8 or $9.

You do realize that’s not at all the same meaning as what you wrote above:

I think they meant bundle in the sense that the whole bundle of them are on sale, rather than as a bundle. It didn’t even occur to me that someone might think they were selling a bundle since everything’s listed individually.

Anyway, seems like a good deal for journals. I haven’t used one in a long time, so I probably won’t be getting in on this, but some of those are pretty nice.

Here’s the blog that lays things out.

Oh, I get it now. It’s a crappier version of the $5-ships-your-whole-cart thing that Woot used to do.

Is there a section of Woot that sells these all the time, or do they just show up whenever?

Also: is the paper acid-free/alkaline?

I bought a journal for the full $13.00 price, not happy. The covers are thin cardboard and there is a wootshirt label on the back cover. There is nothing special about the paper (not very thick) and there is not that many pages. I bought it for my son and did not even give it to him, cause they are cheap looking. I feel that I over paid for this product and I will never buy one again. It seems like other folks really like them, not me.

OHHhhhh, OK, thanx! I must have missed your totally made-up, self-serving and probably illegal definition of “bundle” when I framinated the jiggenhouser at the dictionary web site.

I’m in for 45,126,000!

I ordered this on February 24 and it still has not been shipped yet and I wrote to Customer Service and they are telling me “Please refer to the sales page of this item. The specified ship date is scheduled for 3/23.” and i am not seeing it. Am I just blind or what cause I can not find it

It’s towards the bottom of the page, it’s a “Shipping Information” banner- it should also show up when you’re checking out (and I THINK we’ve fixed it so that you can see it in your order history under “stuff you bought”).

Hmm I cant find it… I see Shipped with Standard delivery speed (3-8 business days)and my Order Date Feb 24, 2015.

I bought mine on the 22nd and they haven’t shipped yet. What’s the deal?

We noted in the sale that these would start shipping on 3/23, I believe most of the delay is that this time we’re getting them printed on demand with our vendor.

Oh…I suppose reading the whole thing woulda helped…I was going off of the 3 - 8 days to ship.