Bundle Sale: Pi Tees and Pie Aprons

If these are “printed to order” how can they be sold out?

We’re not too great at projecting how many blank aprons to order.

I haven’t received the coupon code (for getting an HM print)… any chance you could find that out? Only 2 more days to order. Thanks!

Jeez. I just heard Travis say he hadn’t done those the other day. I send an email.

Thanks for your help!
Though I emailed him last night… I posted this when I didn’t hear anything back, hoping someone else could provide it, d’oh!

love love these bundle sales i really hope woot keeps doing these. this lets me order a number of shirts including many i have been wanting in the past without costing a fortune. please keep doing the bundle sales. love them.

Hey Jasneko, it looks like the HM coupons went out but for some reason the aprons products were not included. Unfortunately I can’t get that remedied this weekend, but I will work with our production team tomorrow to try and get extras made and shipped for the artists. Sorry for the hassle, hopefully we’ll be able to automate the coupon process in the future to help avoid these mistakes.


I just received the Octopi shirt that was in the derby that I ordered same day as a bunch from this sale. I know that different sales ship at different times. I ordered for the library/ tech staff at my school and we are all geeking out together. I see these are still being prepared to ship. I hope they arrive in time for Pi Day at school.

I bought mine for Pi Day but don’t think they’ll arrive on time. I know the weather is causing delays, I just hope they expedite the shirts so we can actually get them for the day we purchased them for. As a math teacher, having a pi shirt is awesome to have on Pi Day, and I’m having a Pi Day party so I was hoping it would come in time! Still hoping, but almost certain they won’t come in time now :frowning:

We’re trying to make sure they get there in time. If when you get tracking, it doesn’t look like it’ll get to you on time, email into our support team and we’ll address that as best we can.

Thanks so much!

My Pi shirt didn’t arrive for Pi Day. :frowning: When I looked at tracking, the FedEx site said that it was damaged and undeliverable, and that I should contact Woot. I sent email to Woot, and, after a while, got back a reply saying they refunded. Now the shirt is sold out. :frowning:

I’m so sorry about that! I’ll check in and see if we have one we can send, if not- we’ll get this added into the catalog by the end of today- you should be able to re-buy in the morning.

Yay! You fixed it! Thanks SOOOO much for the great service! <3 HEART <3