Bundle Sale: Pop Culture Kawaii

My 2nd shirt, ever, thanks Woot!

Thanks, Woot!

Would love http://shirt.woot.com/offers/the-spirit-island?ref=cnt_ctlg_dgn_2 to be in a poster!

thanks very much Woot!

Dear Shirt.Woot,

(to my wallet)

sigh… I really need to start retiring some of the shirts in my regular rotation D:

All she wants is a proper cup of coffee, made in a proper copper coffee pot

Dagnabbit Woot, I’m supposed to be SAVING money, not spending more! I easily see six shirts that I want >.<

Yep, this is the way you bundle sell.

I know, right? I need to rework my dresser organization. My Woot shirts don’t fit in a single drawer anymore.

Thanks, Woot, for including my DANCER design! First ever shirt on Woot.

The “One Cute Ring” shirt is clearly meant to be available in infant sizes. CLEARLY.

You could get the smallest one and make it into a onesie, I’m sure.

Congrats jthorne!!

I have to ask - Did I miss something that it actually charged me SHIPPING on Shirt purchases???

What the heck happened???

The Bundle sales are $8 for each shirt, but $5 shipping for the entire order. If you bought say… 4 One Cute Ring shirts, you would still pay $5 total shipping.

Yeah, the bundle deals are geared toward purchasing more than 1 shirt. At 2 shirts, it is $8 + $8 + $5 = $21, so you come out ahead of a normal $12 price (with free shipping) as long as you buy at least 2 shirts.

I had bought 3 different shirts, with 3 different ship dates, so I wasn’t sure if that was part of it. Also, I missed one that my hubby would like - but I won’t be paying another $5 for shipping so I guess it will stay “missed” unless something really good shows up on the woot off.

Everyone needs a Shark Dancer / The Killer’s Human mash-up! http://shirt.woot.com/offers/dancer


Here’s a weird one, I have a “One Cute Ring” in my cart with the right title, but the thumbnail is “The Spirit Island”. (This only happens in the cart.)

Have also a shipping problem. If I understood this right shipping should be 5$ for 2 Shirts out of this bundle, if I buy them at the same time… why does my cart say it’ll be 10$ shipping? If I want to buy 3 different Shirts it even goes up to 15$ shipping…
I always have this Problem when there are bundle sales… Is there something working wrong with my Cart or is this 5$ shipping-deal only if you order to a US adress?
As I said: I always have this Problem… and I couldn’t find an Explanation anywhere on woot :frowning: