Bundle Sale: St. Patrick's Day

Is that mug glass or s9me sort of plastic?

It looks like glass to me, but I’m not sure either…

They’re glass- sorry, we’ll get the features tab added in!

No love for O’Rly?

I’m looking over, a four crit-clover, that I over-looked before!

Finally, FINALLY found a Patty’s Day shirt the hubby will like X3

I can only assume it’s because the rest of them are on green shirts.

Can we get a guarantee that we’ll get them by St Patrick’s Day? After getting my Christmas sweater tee 23 days after ordering and a week after the office party, I felt obliged to ask.

Somehow I don’t see how to order a “bundle” - just individual items. What am I missing here?

You are right to ask. We should be getting these out with time since the sale is ending tomorrow, I will continue to harass them to make sure.

You just add them to your cart, the deal is that you pay one shipping charge so the more you buy the better the “sale”.