Bundle Sale: St. Patrick's Day

Is the tankard glass or plastic?

They’re glass- sorry, we’ll get the features tab added in!

Note to woot! writer:

A shamrock has 3 leaves (there is a religious meaning behind it I won’t get into);
Four leaf clovers have 4.

St Patrick promoted the 3 leafed kind :wink: Folk confuse “St Patrick’s Day”, “The luck of the Irish” and “lucky four leaf clovers” all the time.

This is all part of WOOT’S new “bundling” craze. I hear they’re working on a two leaf clover for Independance day, and an extraordinary one leaf clover for National Bundle Your Sister day.

What does this bundle all mean? Bundle if I know.
Bundle ya’ later!

I have the “legalize” from last year - great shirt but green on green makes it dull, and hard to read.

It should have been green on white or green on beige to make it pop.

Is the tankard glass or plastic?

I would’ve bought every one of these IF only they had the true symbol of the SHAMROCK!