Bundle Sale: Tees for Tots

Too many cute shirts!
I think I just maxed out the 2yo’s shirt drawer :slight_smile:

Aww I was hoping to see my monkey shirts in here…
Cute shirts!

I think they still haven’t restocked on the blanks. Inventory management isn’t a bright spot for Woot …

That said, I have a feeling that they’re doing this to pare down some overstock of neckstretch Anvils. My take on the $3 shirts – resew them into new throw cushions!

Are these Anvil or American Apparel?

These should be Anvil.

Would be nice if the kids sizes were a bit lower priced normally.
I always feel a twinge of “urgh” when I’m paying the same cost for a teeny tiny tee as the adult ones.

Only purple shirts are American Apparel.