Bundle Sale: Walmazan

^ I’m good looking too! :wink:

Thanks Woot for the Bundle Sale

wish that there was more than just t-shirts here for sale

I love Walmazan’s designs. His designs are one of the reasons I still actually check here, hoping that you’ll one day offer us a choice of AA or anvil on all the t-shirts. I would buy so, so many if you guys had offered a choice for AA. But I can’t buy anymore of the disappointing anvil shirts. Please offer us a choice woot! If you want my money, that is :slight_smile:

Hnnng I want that Hello Friend so much >.< I might have to wait to purchase it though since I don’t see any other design I want for the bundle sale. Will it be available in the catelogue later on?

congrats on the sale Wences :slight_smile:

Indeed, part of why we’re doing these spotlights is to get a better catalog span for our artists!

I did a count of how many different Wences designs I have between here, GoodJoe, Threadless, and TeeFury … 48. It would’ve been 49, but I sold one from TeeTurtle that I was wearing at the time to a complete stranger.

On another note, I have no idea how many copies of Fresh Cake I have. Over 20, at least. I did retire a purple copy recently, though.

Wait, I thought orders from shirt.woot had free shipping? The $5 shipping ruins the great $8 t-shirt deal here… Confused? Thanks.

This has already been explained in a few different Bundle Sales.

They’re selling the shirts for $4 less than standard price, plus $5 shipping over-all. So if you only buy one shirt, you pay an extra $1. However, if you buy two shirts, you SAVE $3 (12+12=24 vs 8+8+5=21). If you buy three shirts you SAVE $7 (12+12+12=36 vs 8+8+8+5=29). If you buy four shirts, you save $11 (1+12+12+12=48 vs 8+8+8+8+5=37). Etc and so forth.

They’re taking a gamble because they need to choose the bundles carefully for this. The more designs being sold that are popular, the more likely those on the fence will cave in and buy them due to the savings. However, for those who only like one design in the whole group, it’s not really worth jumping on it asap since it’ll be the same price as it is in the catelogue later.

Actually it will be $15 once it gets into the catalog…

Thank you for explaining. Not everyone on here reads the comments for every event :wink:

Are these screened, or digital printed? I think you can pick from different bundles and cash in on the savings, right?

Most of the Plus events are screen printed.

I just put shirts from two different bundle sales and it worked for just the $5 flat shipping fee for the cart.

To clarify, it all depends on the sales. Lower quantities, DTG because of screen setup costs. Higher quantities, screen printing is more cost effective.

Joel has mentioned before that 25 is about the cut off, though it’s not a hard number, as it also depends on work flow.