Bundle Wall Storage System, 64 sq ft. Slatwall & 30 pcs. Accessories

What is wrong with Woot! They sold me this bundle, but only shipped the accessories. Then they insult me by offering me $25 refund off what I paid if I want to keep the accessories (without getting the slatwalls). The slatwall panels are at least $200 of the purchase price. You have got to be kidding me.

Same EXACT issue! I never received the boards, only the wall accessories. They offered $25 for me to keep the accessories, or a full refund to return them. This is unacceptable!

Hey guys. Sorry for the problem. I’m checking to see if items are shipping separately. If so, they could arrive at different times.

I just experienced the same thing. No panels. You all will be receiving a call. This may be the first and last time I use woot!!

You can’t give them a call, they dont have phone support. I will never buy from woot again after this fiasco.