Bundles and Two Pack and Deals O-MY!

Bargains galore in here - what’s calling to your inner impulse shopper?

(By the way, those who dig up handy links to reviews on these items may find themselves rewarded, just saying…)

Are the dimensions of the suntex solar screens Width x Length or Length x Width?

The roll shades seem like a nice bargain. I don’t know if I want them in black, kind of clashes with the color scheme on deck. Reviews are sparse, but here is one link, with prices double what woot is asking: Window and Solar Screen Supplies - Quality Screen Company

[QUOTE=petecope, post:3, topic:361491]
Are the dimensions of the suntex solar screens Width x Length or Length x Width?[/quote
The specs doesn’t realyl make that clear, do they? Pretty important consideration, really. I hope woot fixes that soon. Especially since they are given for the 6’X6’ one, where it is the same, but not the other one, which isn’t.

I found a great link (listed below) It has reviews & shows you competitor prices to make sure you get a great deal. The bare minimum for just 1 Topsy Turvey is $6.39 on Amazon. I love the Topsy Turvey, it works if you follow directions carefully. 

Here's the link for reviews, ratings, & scores. 


A spotlighted post for you! Thanks for the searching!

when does width ever come before length?!

ONE xyron cartridge/refill is $18+ so it seems to be a good deal.


The MSRP on the r/c cars seems to be more than a little misleading. A two pack is $15.74 with amazon prime and retail value is listed there as $19.99, not $39.99.

There is one pretty good review:


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Mega Runner manufacturer website

Just be aware that its two cartridges only, not two extra. Made that mistake last time, thought the dispensers came with one each and then was two extra.

kids.woot was just selling the fishing combo for $9.00. and raised the price to $9.99 on SELLOUT.woot. shame on woot.

Model numbers are not clear when comparing the manufacturer, amazon, and woot. It makes me wonder whether the available cartridges fit these. Woot price makes it cheaper by far to buy a dispenser every time because it costs less than a refill cartridge.

Feedback’s important! :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not keen on the “Shame on Woot!” phrase but yeah, we messed up.

The price has now been brought down to the correct $9.00 price.

As usual, if you already purchased the item, you will receive an email from customer service before long telling you that you’re 99¢ richer! Woohoo!

If you want to cancel your order because we lowered the price, please post here to explain. We really want to know.

Just wanted to say the poles by Zebco are great. My 5 1/2 & 2 1/2 yr old boys have been beating the crap outta them all summer & they’re still going strong. And my 2 1/2 yr old now casts amazingly well given his age…and he is not what you’d call mechanically inclined or gifted for age, they just work that simply. :slight_smile: We had a few extras for bday gifts & I am thinking we may be in for a few more as the others were so well received.