Bunnies Forever

Must… have… Bunny Infinitum.

Those bunnies are scary. I’m reminded of those killer bunnies from Monty Python and the Holy Grail…


The plan…it is set into motion… :stuck_out_tongue: Bunnies will rule the planet.

Congrats, girl! Horray for your first daily!

the red eyes make it seem like they’re rabid…

Runaway! Runaway! Getting a serious Monty Python vibe from the red eyes.

Nice print! Knew it was Ms Sprinkle on sight.

So, is it like Cat-Dog, but… Rabbit-Rabbit?

Poor things. Which one handles the bathroom duties?

Infinite Bunnies. They never stop multiplying.

Honestly, “Bunnies Forever” sounds more like a charity than a T-shirt.

But think about it… If they lived forever, they could become the dominant species on earth in just a couple weeks.

This is a fairly accurate representation of how many bunnies you’d have after a week if you left a girl bunny and a boy bunny in a cage together.

What evil scientist would do this to those poor bunnies!?!

Whats a bunny without a cotton ball tail? :[ Sigh…I like cotton ball tails…

An infinite amount of furry little bunnies, with eyes of terror and the glean of mischief. This does not bode well.

… or any given derby week where they DON’T put a ban on bunnies.

Hahaha, have you seen real bunnies? They are grouchy little grizzly bears in cute suites…

Remove the arms…err…legs…paws?..and they’re eating each other.


It’s my birthday today. Woot’s present seems to have taken the form of a harrowing prophecy, in which shirts are forever dominated by beady eyed bunnies.

Thanks woot.

And in all seriousness, congrats Dianasprinkle!

Brings a much greater appreciation to the slogan, “They keep going and going” eh?

Bunnies are infinitely less cute without their fluffy tails.