Buono Rosso Napa Valley Red - 5 Pack

Buono Rosso Napa Valley Red - 5 Pack
$53.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 5 2006 Buono Rosso Napa Valley Red
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Buono Rosso Napa Valley Red - 5 Pack
$53.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
product: 5 2006 Red Blend
46% Sangiovese, 30% Zinfandel, 24% Merlot

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2006 Napa reds? it was one of the years that have been hard to mess up. Just over $10 a bottle is nice too.

In for one. This wine.woot off is killing me. Good thing I didn’t do anything on black Friday.

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Can’t wait to drink our wine.

Sounds like an interesting blend and Woot has never steered us wrong…

Why do they suggest you send it to a business address?

There is someone usually there.

Erm, Rock Hollow would really like to disagree with you. (But yes, you are, for the most part, correct in my experience.) And, this wine does look quite tasty. Unfortunately, with a lot of Racchus, I am not sure I need another Sangiovese blend.

Probably because you have to sign for it. If you aren’t there to sign for it FedEx takes it back to their office. And if you live somewhere like I do, the closest FedEx office is an hour away.

Because someone over 21 has to be present to sign for it. Most folks don’t work from home (I do!)

so your co-workers will like you more after you drink them up

someone over 21 must sign, at first I had it re routed to a fedex office near my house and pick it up, very easy,
Now my fedex guy knows me and waits till after 4 to deliver when I’m home.

Anyone tried this or having any advice on the kind of a blend 46% Sangiovese, 30% Zinfandel, 24% Merlot?

I always seem to strike out buying Sangiovese blends. Someone told me that it was easy for Sangiovese to be overwhelmed when blended.


Wine searcher has this for $17 a bottle. Seems like a good deal .

Buono Rosso is aka Benessere Wineries.

A review of the 2006 Buono Rosso. Apparently the label has been redesigned since it was first bottled.

Here is the gist of it;

“Benessere’s red table wine emerged under a new label this year as the 2006 blend was released under the winery’s other brand, “Buono Rosso” (meaning, “Good Red” in Italian). Consisting of 46% Sangiovese, 30% Zinfandel and 24% Merlot, this red blend table wine livens any table and surprises the palate with its texture, fruit and embraceable, recognizable structure.”

“Benessere actually produces award-winning Sangiovese (often recognized as the best Sangiovese in Napa Valley by locals and other wine enthusiasts). Part of the reason its Sangiovese is so outstanding is because the winery grows over 12 different clones of the Sangiovese grape, lending to create an age-worthy varietal which has outstanding complexity. Depending on the Zinfandel grapes used, they are either delicious old vine grapes or grapes used in the winery’s Black Glass Zinfandel (a wine which has received 93 point rating from The Wine Enthusiast). But if these statistics were not enough to pique one’s interest, there is the Merlot. Did you know that Benessere’s estate neighbors Duckhorn Vineyards? And did you know that in the past that Benessere has had a relationship where it has sourced some of its Merlot grapes to same said neighbor? Interested yet? You should be. While other friends are showing up on doorsteps with a certain “decoy” bottle of wine this holiday season, you could arrive with an affordable readily consumable conversation piece.”

“Opening the bottle of the 2006 Buono Rosso (before the first pour), the nose is greeted with aromas of seasonally festive red fruit such as red plum and cherry. The wine is dark from a distance but at closer inspection the light easily catches along the rim producing eye-catching ruby red jewel tones. Raising the glass to the nose, those previously sensed aromas of red fruit are accompanied by warm aromas of anise spice (or more simply described, black licorice). Like Benessere’s other varietals, this wine is extremely smooth in texture, sprinkled with a lively acidity and ponies up flavorful red fruit as the bouquet promised. For the Merlot lover, it is possible to sense that varietal not just in flavor but also texturally as mid-palate there is a certain fullness best attributed to the Merlot grape’s characteristics. Don’t leave the glass yet: there is a finish on this wine. Yes, a red table wine with a finish. Granted, the finish is simple and shuts down quickly but before your palate thinks that Buono Rosso is done, it will discover a lingering black cherry flavor that has been left behind.”

After reading that, I am in for one…


This reviewer bought it for under $6 at a grocery store…

In for 1! Hoping the Sangiovese doesn’t get overwhelmed but a blend with Zin sounds like it should work really well. Less than $12/bottle? Easy decision.

That’s not the same blend.

almost pulled the trigger. thanks.

Muscardini has a wine called Tesoro that is 44% sangiovese, 30% cab, 26% syrah. I’ve had that wine many times, and I can say it’s great, definately has a sangiovese character. This wine is sort of a similar blend. I haven’t had any wines by Benessare, but it appears they focus on Italian varietals like Muscardini does. I’m in for this one.