Buono Rosso Napa Valley Red - 5 Pack

I love the 2005 Costa Del Sol, which is also a Sangiovese based blend.

Can anyone suggest whether this will compare favorably?

Thanks for the correction

No shipping to Louisiana. Bummer!

OTOH, it could be that they just entered it incorrectly. Same name, vintage and alcohol % but it mentions Syrah instead of Zin and adds Cab Sauv as well, so it’s either a different blend or just a careless entry by the user.

That could be true too… I just don’t like the limited internet info about it… The winery doesn’t even mention it on their own website. Was thinking of going in for one, but not now.

Note too they bought it from a California based store called “Grocery Outlet”. It could possibly have been the same blend, or maybe it was something different thrown together for that store. Either way, it’s hard to compare prices at an outlet store to retail or even sale prices. If the QPR is there, it shouldn’t matter too much what another person stumbled on the wine for.

I really enjoyed the 2005 Costa Del Sol as well. Went in for 2 with the hopes that it will similarly please my palate.

If I manage to get a time machine when this arrives I’ll make sure to come back and post a comparison.

is there a b.ag of c.rap for wine.woot?

I finally get up the gumption to buy in and find out that the great state of New Hampshire isn’t on the ship-to list of states. I’ve had wine delivered to my home in the past. What gives?

Description of winery is very nice but they dont say much about the wine!

Wine.wooters generally sit around waiting for the elusive Bottle of Cavedoni.

Woot should give you a commission. After reading that, I am also in for one.

I read a review that said it is the same wine as Costa del Sol from this winery. Costa del Sol was offered last year as a 5 pack from Woot.wine for $58.99. Did anyone purchase the Costa del Sol last year?

yes, it was lovely!

Each winery has to get its own license from the state. So just because it’s legal to ship to the state, if the winery hasn’t paid for a license, they can’t ship.

Agreed! I went on a bit of a wine.woot spree yesterday, and told myself “no more” today…until I read THAT…

Always have enjoyed the Costa del Sol, which has a very high QPR. I suspect this will as well. I have two bottles of Benessere Phenomenon aging nicely. This feels like a no-brainer buy for an everyday blend. In for 1.

Wow!! No Shipping to NH! What gives? This looked like a good price for a 6pack. Almost everyone ships to NH!


Can you supply a link to that review?


Great price for a six pack, BUT this is a five pack :slight_smile: