Burger’s Inner Core

The frightening thing is that as we speak, at least 3 fast-food restaurants are probably racing to perfect a recipe much like this one. What could go better with a KFC Double Down than a side of snack-sized Burger Balls?

I must say it is medium rare to see something so well done!

Looks tasty, find a way to make these bite sized and you could make a fortune!

i’m thinking “jaw breaking” not “mouth watering”…

And I’ll start the complaints: now I’ve got a burger craving + there’s a lot of snow outside (and no burgers in grabbing range).

Where’s the beef?

With the snow, this woulda been the perfect day for a Woot-off!

that lettuce layer looks a little thick… i thought the lettucolithic era only lasted 20,000,000 years

Nice idea, I would of purchased it if it had been a burger and not a planet.

@“Beef(or Veggie)” in the cross-section…Those are then called imitation burgers, IMO they do not deserve the same title as the original burger! This shirt needs a footnote!

Ooohhhh, an 8 color burger! I would like to see the cow this came from.

not kosher

Looks like my science project back in high school.

so burgers are in the shapes of spheres now?

This burger would taste much better without the tomatoes and onions

No bacon???

Reminds me of disecting eye’s in science class, though they didn’t taste half as good.

Personally, I’m now jonesing for a uni-boob. Because that’s what I feel I’m looking at.

just imagine this planet with several moons… bacon, blue cheese, peanut butter, etc.