And the tie breaker goes to gold. Or dragons. Tie breakers probably always go to dragons. Or ninjas. Nice way to set a scene.

Smaug me!

You are in a dark cave with a large dragon, there is gold around the dragon.
>attack dragon
>run away
>buy this shirt

I was really hoping this one would print. I know a lot of work went in to the original, but the all metallic ink makes it look much bolder. Great art work.

I’m not surprised that its dragons for the win this week. Nice work!

Love the look of this! Classic Fantasy-

Might as well - is there ever a time NOT to post this?


I am a fan of @Radscoolian’s work. I own a few of the designs. Would love to see a plus sale of all of @Radscoolian’s designs for the off chance that some of the designs I really want come on a sweatshirt.

Wow… Just from the thumbnail, immediately recognizable. :smiley: That face! The expression is perfect.

So Bilbo is a burglur? I thought he was a burglar.

Skills. Will need to be added to my Radscoolian collection.

This is both Rad and Cool! Congrats Radscoolian, the double work paid off!

Is there something significant about spelling it “burglury”? Is that a play on words or something? Or just a misspelling?

Does anybody else see lungs and trachea here? Anybody? No?

Just me then.


“Nice set of lungs,” one might say.

Great trachea with a touch offset for the heart. Well done.

In for two.

Looks cool but I don’t know the reference.

Thanks for posting the video…I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before!

Beautiful work! This was one of my faves. Congrats on the win!

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