Buried Cane Red Wine Blend (6)

Buried Cane Heartwood Red Wine Blend 6-Pack
Sold by: Middleton Family Wines
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2012 Buried Cane Heartwood Red Wine Blend, Columbia Valley


Doorbell rang and although I was hoping for a new iphone it was something better! But with a golden ticket enclosed I was reminded of an oldie but goodie (Charlie and the Apple Factory), replace nnn:

My background : prefer big reds, try anything once, maintain ~300 bottle cellar, NOT a professional taster but I have drank a lot of wine!

Took this bottle out of town and shared with some friends at the motel we were staying at. Screw top so I didn’t need to bring an opener or an ah so. Didn’t have regular wine glasses (stemless sample ones you get from winery tastings) so our aroma reviews may deviate a little from the norm.

Pop & pour late evening after getting back from watching sporting event. Some snack items (plain crackers, sesame crackers, jalepeno pretzels, & smoked beef sticks from a local butcher). Drank over about a 1.5 hour period.

My 3 tasters trend toward whites/lighter reds, 1 toward sweeter wines, all excited to participate!

color: deep red, not showing any brown of age yet. Very dense. When holding up to a white background no transparency.
nose: a little bit of tobacco at end. I didn’t get a big olfactory experience probably due to the small glasses and not being able to decant/let open up.
flavor: VERY integrated with a hint of cherry. Tannins (if any) were very soft. LONG finish. Tobacco from nose not experience in taste.

Taster 1 (sweet wines preferred):
This surprised me because when I see a red wine this dark I don’t like it. A lot better than other red wines I have drank. Totally different taste after I had some Jalepeno pretzels and in a good way!
My comments : I would have expected this taster to give me their glass after the first sip. The taster actually requested a minimum pour since they expected not to like it. Unfortunately for me I didn’t get this taster’s share…

Taster 2 (prefer whites, has drunk cabs/syrah/merlot/malbec, prefers Pinot Noir as a red):
Not nearly as dry as I would have expected. Surprisingly long finish!
My comments : I would have expected this taster to like this wine and I think they did. A second/third pour (remember we are using tasting glasses) seemed to confirm this.

Taster 3 (prefers light wines, usually doesn’t pick a red):
I like this red as much as any red I have tasted. I can see drinking this with Italian food. Not as strong as I would have thought it would be. I don’t taste any fruit.
My comments : This was the first person that finished our first pour and the impression I got was that they liked it. When I asked if they were ready for a refill it was a resounding yes (knowing the audience I had a white sparkling as an alternative for anyone who wanted to switch).

If your budget is in the $15 bottle range then this easily hits the mark. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to ‘decant/vary temps/taste next day/etc.’ so my experience is limited to open and drink with friends to relax before bed. For that purpose it hit the mark. A Good value as this easily is a $25 bottle of wine.

Thanks for the info/review, at 15.1% ABV none of your friends or yourself mention any high alcohol heat, smell or flavors? :wine_glass:

I intentionally saved informing my tasters the alcohol content until the 2nd pour (tasting glasses so we had 4 pours each). They were surprised it was that high and none of their comments up to that point led me to believe they thought it was “hot”. Personally I found the first couple of tastes had a little bite but quickly went away as I swirled/let sit. I would aerate another bottle.

Thanks for the crowdsourced review.

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