Buried Treasure

Where exactly IS the treasure?

Lovely design though.

kinda wanted the sunset one but this will do. what a vote difference too. 1100 then 600

Australia is the treasure in of itself. Can’t wait to visit it myself.

Didn’t “need” another shirt … but I couldn’t help myself either.

I love the lone fish in the Tasmania island. And I love that the artist actually captured Tasmania! It is too often forgotten.

Out of the top entries in the Fog, this was one of the most underwhelming, though still considerable for purchase. At least it wasn’t another cute animal bag of sausages, though we may see another one tomorrow. I really want the mythological snake to be printed!!! Or Ramsy’s other entry.

It’s an Australia shaped window that proves humans are 60 percent water!

Very cool. Looking out of an underwater cave, sunlight coming thru the water. Nicely done.

The vibrant colors and subtle details really make this.

down under.

So THAT’S what Australia is. A little puddle on my shirt with a bunch of fish in it.

Congrats on the print Rads!

I think it should have been called “Down Under”.

Seems to be a dearth of Australian stereotypes here…well done.

But I wonder what people’s reactions to this shirt would be.

“Ooh, when did you go to Australia?”

“I…erm…didn’t, I just liked the shirt…”

Too bad Woot doesn’t have a world map. Curious to see how many Aussie sales.

Beautiful work. Congrats Radscoolian!

The outline and shading make the blue shape seem like a weird looking shark with two fins. Squints at the tiny version on my monitor… yep sharky thing.

Don’t see any sting rays… phew!

love love love this one!!! I will own own one soon a it ships

I just can’t talk about Australia without thinking about Ozzie Mandrill shouting, “Great Barrier Reef!”