Burnetie Shoes

Are these women sizes or mens sizes… Am I missing something?

yeah what’s with the sizing?

Ditto to the above questions. Men’s or Women’s sizing?

I’ve asked the team. Waiting to hear back.

Update: Gender sizing is being added now.

I ordered these when they rolled through last fall or so. I got the green OX X and gold City Jumpers. They get pretty decent rotation in my wardrobe, and I’m pretty happy with how they’ve held up. I don’t know much about shoes but I like these and I’ll probably buy more.

I’m offended! What’s wrong with walking around in my socks? They’re clean… until I step in something.

Can anyone comment on how true-to-size and how wide these are? They look cool and I see that Burnetie Shoes is known as an eco-friendly, vegan shoe company so I’m interested…

Features say they run true to size. I don’t have more info than that. Sorry.