Burnt Crap Fallen

Good luck to those who haven’t gotten one yet.

wow…gone as soon as my page refreshed :frowning:

Geez just 5 craps


there must have been like two

“You are only allowed to crap once per seven days. It’s painful, but necessary”

boo. ok, makes sense.

Grrr! I thought I had it this time! Denied after checkout!

2 days of fail…sigh

“Eventually…” I tell myself.

“Eventually Ill get that crap…”

WTFudge?! I can’t even load the main page before it’s gone!

Sold out! And I knew one was coming–I was refreshing constantly and gone before my screen even refreshed. Ugh.

What the Fruitcake? I can’t even load the main page before it’s gone

Snagged one! I’m hoping the crap quality is higher this time since it appears they are selling fewer bags, overall, than last time. I gave the last one away, but there wasn’t anything worth keeping (or sharing in the comments for that matter) aside from a Hershey’s candle.

Same here…

It was not meant to be. My network cable picked that exact moment to fail. Total disconnect for about 3 minutes and that’s all it takes. NO CRAP FOR YOU!!!

Ugh 3rd time it madeit to my cart and then wammy sold out

Know the feeling

Mortimer’s cousin was doing some system updates. (probably)