Bursting Open Cabinet

Even though I’m not eligible, I tried.

I forgot to login on the app, do I got VoP’ed only after logging in. (Getting to the payment page.)

For the first time I wasn’t sent to the VOP. I had a moment of panic when I got this variant VOP, but in the end my order went through :partying_face:


Got me too! Think I’m only a few days away too.

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Getting this one woulda been easy, since I didn’t need anything today, so I’d have been fine using the regular Woot login.

(Actually, I had placed an order for something, but the quantity was too small, so I cancelled it. Thankfully it’ll be back eventually.)

Pro-tip: if it seems that the woot-off has broken on desktop, head to the app as the bag will appear there first.

Yeah, stuff always appears on the app first but it’s especially bad today for some reason.


I did it! Finally!! I’ve spent the entire day trying and I got one! I can finally rest.


won’t refresh until was sold out

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Second time today, it kicked me back to the login after successfully clicking beating the VoP boss… And then nothing. =/

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I think for a while the forums were the fastest? but I could totally be making that up. You’re right with today being especially egregious - I don’t remember new forum items showing up as sold out before.

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It used to be that way.

I finally got one today, I’ve been trying since about 9:30 this morning…

Got a message after I was all done, saying that we don’t like you, but if you would just be quit complaining for a little while we’ll let you have one.


We need a wootmoji that signifies “I miss the old woot”.

@ThunderThighs has been taking requests.

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I think i need a faster woot app! :thinking:

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But what would it look like. Think how tiny emojis are.


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Hhmmm, seems you’ve been proven incorrect :smiley:

My Bursting Open Cabinet is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, YAY! I just can’t wait to be fully disappointed when I rip open the 8lb package of crap!!

Sweet. Remember to post what you got!

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