Bury your cupcakes BOC

Woot bag. ———- Usable
Woot sticker. ———— Cool
Fancy coloring book. ———-Pretty cool as I color
Green Bay logo gloves. ———-Not a cheesehead
Soft softball. ———- Ok.
LA dodgers leather clip wallet. ——Meh
Random power cord. ——-WTF is it to?
Fake poop slingshot ———Already gave away
N.O. Saints end zone game. ———G.W. Box
Terminator action figures. ——- Grandson bound
Blue soap dish _______—— G.W. Box
Double C.D. Therapy music. —Future Xmas gift
Luggage bag tags. ———- Meh

All in all , mostly worthless crap, the coloring book alone was worth the 9.99$.

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