Bush Antonia 42" TV Stand

You guys are calling this a TV stand, but it’s looking like the start of a pretty sweet Hi-Fi set up to me. With plenty of room for some of my favorite records underneath.

There we go. Nice pretty discussion thread. Discuss.

we were starting to get worried over at DWChat

[22:06] (kalira) the first rule of home.woot is you don’t discuss home.woot?

What’s DWChat?

It’s a place where all the super cool kids from deals.woot gather to talk about deals.woot and woot properties along with other things. I’m actually hosting a contest right now that ends in 30 minutes

**But enough of sidetracking. **

Can we bring the focus back to this tv stand?

Sure - Okay, I need a TV stand, but all my furniture is of a much lighter color.

Will this mix right in, or should I wait to get something lighter?

I was going to ask a question but I able to answer it myself thanks to The Manual you provided.

** Assembly is required ** (that wasn’t my question)

The pictures on woot didn’t show but it seems there are no pre-drilled holes for wires. so it seems like if you want any holes to run wires through you’re going to have to drill them in yourself.

Edit: Oh shoot- yes there are, I was looking at a different picture that looked like it was the backing piece. I blame the manual loading sideways. (also that damn contest distracting me :tongue)

A few years ago, an interior designer told me that you can mix wood colors in your furniture. Of course, it’s a personal choice.

Oh come on, people. I’ve filled two baskets with kleenex, coughed up my lung a few times a day the last week, trying to work on estate stuff, working 80 hours at least, and this is all we’ve got for comments???
Look, I may not be here much longer, but at least I can try to help get this thing rolling a bit (ok, it’s a stand, I know, but work with me):

Product website–the manual came from there


froogled everything over $160


haven’t found reviews

c’mon we need more ENERGY! Wait, I’ve got it:


If this won’t work, I’ll make up for it with Mandy:



Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going back to cough up my lung.

Back to you DA59 and CD.

Reviews? Who needs reviews?

Oh, right, we do:

Okay: http://www.amazon.com/Bush-Furniture-Myspace-Collection-Tabacco/product-reviews/B002XUKWY4

Good to see ya! Get healthy.

Thanks for mentioning that since I can’t get to the manual right now for some reason. That kind of stinks that there aren’t pre-drilled holes but it’s not the end of the world. Good to know though.

Well, there are only 3 reviews on Amazon, but they are all verified purchases, and all 3 gave 5 stars. Around $166 there , so this is a great deal!

Anybody want to lend me 105 bucks???

Enough with the McMansion era funeral evoking rococo overwrought scalloped edged ugly crap. Get with the times home woot.

CowboyDann, my furniture’s lighter too, so I plan on doing a little painting when my 2 stands arrive. Don’t know if they’ll end up a standard ‘wood’ tone or if I’ll lose control and end up with glossy fire-engine red, but they’re gonna be right purty one way or 'tother.

I was able to get the manual, and it looks like there are four perforated cutouts in the back:


Hmmm, this is very close to exactly what i’ve been looking for. Gotta grab the tape measure to verify fit, but may be in for two

I have one of these it’s called 2 cinder blocks and a peice of plywood that sits on the floor, that’s how I roll