Bush Furniture New Haven TV Stand

Just so everyone knows I just put a different TV stand together and injured my hand while screwing in a screw so if anyone needs help I’m probably not your guy.


does anyone know what type of wood this is? press, oak, pine?


Whoa, the whole stand swivels - that makes sense! Instead of just having the tv on swivel, you get to swivel everything - which would make sense if you need to control your other electronics.

Some additional information and pictures over at bushfurniture.com


If only this came in white! I have been looking for something just like this for around this price but anything I’ve seen is always a dark color.

Something wonky about the dimensions, no way this is 56" high.

Height listed @ 27.56"

I have this exact stand. Very nice for our bedroom. It was not that difficult to assemble with another guys help.

How big is the tv shown in the picture?


looks like the 40" i have on mine.

Up next on home.woot: a gallon of white paint.

what color is this, black or dark brown?

ahhhh New Haven, home of the best pizza in the world! Pepe’s, Sally’s or Modern apizza, all the best!

I had the exact same question. It’s “aged tobacco,” which I assume means, “really dark brown that almost looks black.”


exactly. you can see the dark brown in bright sunlught, but it looks black most of the time.

Any idea on the weight this can handle? It looks like the base of my tv will fit on top but it’s a 100lb tv…

+1 on this. Would be good to know.