Bush Segments TV Stands - Your Choice

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Some additional info and pictures on the 50" corner unit can be found over at bushfurniture.com

The trouble I have is finding a corner stand that is tall enough for my tastes.

But at 20" these are even shorter than some that I passed up. Sorry woot.

I think the idea is to put the TV at eye level when you’re sitting rather than having to look up at it. If you put a 40-50" TV on this, the middle of the TV would be at about 34-37". That’s been my experience anyway. I prefer look directly at or slightly down rather than up to a TV. Of course, that could come from growing up with a console TV that sat on the floor. Heh.

i own a black segments stand its the 3 in 1 model and while it looks fantastic once assembled we have had a few issues. the glass is not as strong as was stated. i weighed everything to make sure it was below the recc weight and had to place my onkyo on the bottom shelf due to it flexing the middle one and i made a pair of small black wood boxes to support the bottom shelf directly under the receiver and the other side as well.

next the glass scratches super easy. it is tempered glass for those wondering but it does scratch SUPER easy. do not slide or move anything while on the glass. we had our xbox 360 with rubber feet on it and my wife slid it gently to clean under where it was sitting and one of the feet left a nice scratch you can feel with your finger nail. i assume something was stuck the the rubber feet but still she barely moved it.

lastly we had a heck of a time getting the actual segments pieces in that were not chipped (you could see the wood under the paint) or scratched up. this may be better because they dont look painted like the black was but it took bush sending replacements out maybe 3 or 4 times to have good ones.

overall after all this we love it. sadly we paid the full 3xx$ when it was a newer product and at this price they are very nice and they look awesome in the room once assembled. but know the shelves will for sure not hold a ton of weight and i found they held much less then was stated. at this price i would buy one again. also bush is awesome to deal with they will send out replacement pieces very easy. i am not sure if because this is a woot sale they will do the same though.

Bought the 60" version of this last time around. Had to contact bush customer service over a missing part - they replied within 24hrs and sent the missing part out. Mine is holding a 65" perfectly. If you purchase the 60" version make sure you have TWO people to put it together, the glass is very heavy and some assembly steps are quite awkward. Overall it looks awesome and was well worth the price paid.

That is absolutely true TT, and makes sense if you watch the TV traditionally. But in video game situations it doesn’t work well.

Mine is till not shipped… anyone else?

Same with me. We did buy them during the weekend.

Settle down there, cowpokes. I know you want that TV stand pronto but as the sale said, it will ship in 3-5 business days. Today is the 4th business day. You should be hearing good news soon. We’re probably just waiting on the tracking file to upload.

In the meantime, you can try Track by Reference:

You can use FedEx’s “Track by Reference” feature to get tracking info using your order number. Your order number is on your order details which you can get via Stuff You Bought. Leave the Account Number blank. Enter your order number in the reference box. Next, select your country and enter your zip code. Click TRACK and voilà, you may have tracking info.

Posting as info for any future buyers…

Bought the 60" version for my Vizio 65" flatscreen (which fits well, but does extend about 1" on each side). Assembles quickly, good instructions, if you can assemble anything from Ikea, this will be a piece of cake. It does help to have 2 people but not necessary if you are careful and can lift and move 35-40 lbs; placing the top glass shelf is the most awkward part.

Looks great and seems solid enough for the price. I did use some Loctite on the screws to ensure it doesn’t loosen up over time. One small complaint is that the vertical distance between the shelves is about 1/8" less than the specs mentioned, my Polk CS20 center speaker does not fit all the way in, as I expected.

One big warning - the surface of the glass shelves is coated with a very soft plastic, which scratches extremely easy - DO NOT slide a big screen TV base or other heavy object on it as the surface will be damaged.

The finished unit is very heavy, I put some furniture feet/sliders underneath so that I can move the whole thing around easily (on carpet) to get access to wiring and the like.

4 out of 5. I like it, good Woot deal.