YES! SO GLAD THIS WON (aka came in second).


Baby poop green.





This cements my hatred for the derbies


2nd chance sales begin the day after originally offered, for an extra $5. Available shirts are from current and prior week, plus the 15 highest sellers of the remainders.
Also see Day of Reckoning FAQ, and Wikipedia w00t.shirts (updated on Sept 22)

Current week:
3835 = Bushidō (Derby 8 Runner-up)
Prior week:
3829 = Pirate Penguin (Derby 8 Winner)
3824 = L’Homme à L’Intérieur du Chat
3820 = Deer By Numbers
3816 = Hot Wings
3815 = Bats!
3808 = Decomposition (Derby 7 Third Place)
3807 = Mental Notes (Derby 7 Runner-up)
The RECKONING POOL (new this week - only TWO to go on Monday)
01 Cool Breeze (Derby 7 Winner)
02 Zombie Season (Derby 6 Winner)
03 GI Metro
04 Fire Swallower
05 Nobody’s Perfect
06 BreakfasTopo (Derby 4 Winner)
07 The Rustic
08 Sore Thumbs
09 Chimpanzee Robusto
10 Sea Chimp
11 Jellyfishalicious (Derby 5 Winner)
12 Go Rock Beat Paper*(Derby 6 Third Place)*
13 Panda Polo (Derby 6 Runner-up)
14 Loved By The Sea
15 Sewer Monster
16 Snake Bouquet
17 Skatetown

SPECIAL EXEMPTION - available until further notice
shirt.w00t! Launch

RIP – Reckoned Into Perpetuity:
Reality Isn’t For Everyone (Derby 3 Winner) – The Organic Light Beam (Derby 5 Runner-up) – Son of Kabuki – Sunset Tree (Derby 5 Third Place) – Day Off – Ka-Boom – Green Space – Stereo From Above – Unhappy Meeting (Derby 2 Co-winner) – Rat Rod – Duct Tape Man – See-Sawlitude --Threat Level: Doctorow – Snowmen In Heat (Derby 2 Co-winner) – Driving To Work – If You Want To Destroy My Chainmail – Pirate Trip – Hello Squidbucket! – Nerdy Laundry – American Samurai – Cube One (Derby 1 Winner) – Too Hungry – Scales & Bubbles – Sci-Fi Weenie Roast – Robot Service – The Must-See Comedy Shirt of the Summer – Word Problem – This Here’s My Unicorn-Huntin’ Gun


I’ve made it a point to not just comment to say I don’t like a shirt, but really. This one is TERRIBLE, and I can’t believe that people voted for it and Woot allowed it. Easily the worst shirt, Derby or not, to be sold by Woot. Absolutely awful.


looks like a shirt from kohls or targets boys sections, no thx.

but whatever floats your boat


sweet, I was hoping this one would make it. :slight_smile:

In for one.


ahh c’mon.

i liked the pope. this looks like something you could find in walmart.


it’s too hard to see the design


people vote for cool designs, not shirts they’d actually buy


Best shirt since the ratrod shirt


No it doesn’t, because even WalMart wouldn’t consider printing this mess.

It looks like an 11 year old found a picture on Google Image Search and asked his mom to print it onto an Iron-On transfer sheet.


Yeah, I think I saw a shirt at Wal-Mart like this, and it was on sale for $2


my turn from last night:


carry on…


That actually looks a lot like you’re making it a point specifically to say you don’t like a shirt. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, seems kind of silly to go on a tirade when enough people sans you enjoyed it enough to go ahead and vote for it, especially if you’re going to pride yourself on, well, not tirading…

Personally, I think it’s pretty decent as far as designs go, especially for this derby (although I’ve said I liked other shirts on here before too, so hopefully the fact that I’ve enjoyed multiple shirts here won’t destroy my credibility…) psht XD


What was the topic of this derby; and how does this shirt fit into it?


Anyone know what the Japanese says?


I finally bought a shirt.woot! yay!


I’m just going to stay up all night and read these posts…because I expect much disgust for the shirt…and that makes me smile.