Bushnell Elite Rangefinder with Kestrel

Bushnell Elite Rangefinder with Kestrel

This product DOES NOT come with an 5700 Elite Upgrade. The Sportsman can be firmware updated to become a 5700 model but will not be the 5700 ELITE model. Please note this when making a purchase.

Hi there. I’m out of my zone here. Are you saying something is incorrect with our listing? Did you buy it and get something different?

Yes. We are the makers of Kestrel and got a call from a customer upset that an Elite upgrade was not included. An Elite upgrade can be purchased separately but does not come with this product.

Thank you! I’ll send a note to the buying team with your information.

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I have this combo; bought it for a hundred bucks more than this price from a different retailer online.

The Kestrel is fantastic (but not the Elite version, as noted above). The CONX is good and works with the Kestrel as advertised, but my experience in the field is that it doesn’t really range much past 600-800yds except in some very optimal conditions against optimal targets while on a tripod. Admittedly, this is way further than most practical shooters are going, but it did get in the way when I tried it at an UNK distance range. For the money, it’s well worth it.

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Has this issue been resolved? I want to buy this, the ad still says elite upgrade, but I do not see any resolution as to whether or not Woot will provide the Elite upgrade.

We removed the reference to the Elite upgrade days ago for the Kestrel per the comments above. It does come with an upgrade, just not for the Elite.