Bushnell Onix 200/CR 2.7” LCD Handheld Color GPS

Geocaching, here I come!


Will this help my find my car keys?


It only tracks Disney items, sorry


Compared to my phone’s gps any good?


can this be used as a speedometer? I’m looking for something to carry along while downhill skateboarding to record my speed.

Luckily I have a Mickey mouse-mobile. In for 2!!

Even then you still have to find the princess in another castle. Oh snaps, reference to a reference.

Is there an option for maps of Europe?

oh hey this is for all those people that don’t have GPS on their phone…

Reviews suck for this it seems : http://www.gpsreview.net/bushnell-onix-200/

Dang it, I need one of those… I was gonna take up geocaching and need a GPS, bless you and curse you woot!! You have good deals but only when I am broke between paydays…

In for one! I can always a disposable GPS!

Lovely. Can’t use BushnellGPS.com to get more maps.

*The following error(s) occurred while processing your request:

This serial number has already been registered *

The warranty is covered by Bushnell. Contact them and they should be able to fix you up. Should you need a receipt, you’ll see a link to instructions in my signature.

Dope. Thanks!