Bushnell Onix 200 Handheld GPS

oh no

must say no but tempting…great price for geocaching

Woot Off Yooooooo!!!

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woah woah woah! It’s Amazon:



Looks good, but I don’t really need. NEXT!

terrible reviews

Leave it to Woot to give me a Woot Off when I need to get up early…goodbye sleep!!

What’s goin on in here? Very few posts.

and just when I thought I was going to bed… please woot no knives

I’ve heard this sucks for geocaching…

Bad reviews


Junks, I was hoping to sleep tonight!

WOOT OFF! Here we go.

pretty horrible reviews on buzzillions.

Beware if you are purchasing this for Geocaching. The Bushnell Onix series uses it’s own proprietary files for it’s GPS stuff, they use a .wpt file type rather than the .loc or .gpx that are the standard for geocaching.

It will find locations of Geocaches for you, but do bear in mind you will have to enter all coordinates manually.

we want knives and golf bags!

There are few things that I hate more than electronics that need other electronics in order to be truly functional. Reviews from Amazon claim that waypoints can’t be entered on the fly - you have to connect the device to your computer and… awwww- just forget it.

USB connectivity should be a feature, not a requirement as far as hand held electronics are concerned.

/outraged OUTRAGED
//will not sit idly by