Bushnell ONIX 350 Color Handheld GPS with Georeferenced Maps

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Bushnell ONIX 350 Color Handheld GPS with Georeferenced Maps [New] - $69.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Bushnell 363500 ONIX 350 Handheld Waterproof GPS w/Truview Georeference and 3.5" Color LCD

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gps eh?

$45 cheaper than it was when it was on newegg
Here are some product reviews from newegg

This gps uses a specialized battery, I wouldn’t take it on anything longer than a weekend backpacking trip. If the battery accidentally drained, you can’t just pop in any old AA. I wouldn’t rely on this as my primary method of navigation in the wilderness.

here’s the product website

and the user manual in english and en français

Bushnell GPS devices get some pretty good reviews on Alatest.

What is the maximum amount of expandable memory?

I found a review, that seems helpful, but it gave it a very low rating.


It says,

“The big feature of this GPS is the ability to “overlay” aerial images and topo maps over the base map. Well it sort of does that… When you finally get one of these images loaded into the unit the resolution is not very good. The base maps are very old, in my city the maps were missing roads that have been around for at least 20 years. The topo images are scans of old USGS topo maps which are usually over 30 years old. But the worst part is the surprise when you find out that you have to pay for the images and maps. The level one images are about 1500 feet square and sell for 1 “credit” each. One “credit” is $1.00, 25 for $20, or 140 for $79. No where in the information did I see that coming. The PC Companion software that comes with the unit is very poor compared to the others, it appears to have been written by someone who has no idea what it should do. The website where you download the maps and images is run as Popup and it won’t work unless you turn off you Popup blocker. They give you instructions on how to get aroung this but they do not work. The Website is bad…slow and confusing.
I am extremely disappointed. Bushnell needs to drop this line and go back to what that know.”

Good for hiking; for driving, not so much.

Be Warned: If you use this in your car more than a few times a year, you’ll wish you bought a different one.

If you want to get back to your car after an afternoon of hiking, you’re good; if you want to get back to your hotel after an afternoon of driving, you’ll probably be frustrated.

Do they make a mount for mounting this GPS on handlebars of a mountain bike?

I have the onyx 400. They wind up charging you for all the features of this device. The overall costs of the maps alone isnt worth it.

Its a good GPS if you dont mind having to keep paying to use a device you own. Apple customers should love it!

What maps are included? Can you get updates for them?

This would be great for geocaching!

I owned this model for about a year and I loved it. it did really well with tower interference (the Garmin GPS I had was constantly messing up!)

This was the next best deal.


Woot yet again provides a great deal.

This one from NewEgg is $133.68 Shipped.


Am I the only one getting the Star Trek tricorder vibe from this thing?

OK, this may be a dumb question, but I’m going to ask it anyway. How hard are these things to use for a novice? My uncle goes into some really weird places, like off-road and in the backwoods, and places… Would or Could this be something he could keep in his car to find his way back easily? He’s not big on anything electronic. Like he can e-mail and he has a cell phone, but that’s it.

If you were clairvoyant, you would have ordered from this site, the accessory kit at a good price as well. The website is HERE

Is it just me, or do the “detail photos” not work today? I just get a blank rectangle with the “X” to close in the upper right corner (but no photo.)

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a nice color GPS to replace an old Magellan, for hiking and biking. This one sounds interesting, color screen, compass, pressure sensore (i.e. altimeter/barometer – those are related, in terms of pressure.)

But this whole thing about paying for each low quality map with “credits” sounds like a no-go for me. So if you don’t pay into their corrupt scheme, exactly what will this thing do for you?

It doesn’t matter. If you fill up the included 512mb the unit will slow down too much already. Don’t plan on loading very many maps at one time. Other than that it’s not too bad, considering the price now.

I just wish I hadn’t paid $120 at newegg.

That is a great image of Anchorage ALASKA on the screen of the GPS. Kind of ironic when woot does not ship here - aarrgghh :frowning: