Bushnell ONIX 400 GPS with XM NEXRAD Weather

Bought this way back when it was $99 on here. Haven’t put much time into it, but it struggles to acquire a good sat signal, and is not intuitive to use at all. But hey, $79 is cheap.


Wootoff and happy hour!!! Über worthless crap!

I use this for geocaching all the time.

Yep, looks like BOC will be tomorrow…

Woot! Give me a sign!!!

Oh good. It was almost a whole hour without a GPS unit.

Only the Bushnell knows…

$139 at amazon…great price here.

does anyone know if you have to be in motion for this to pick up your location?

I’d be in for 3! Needs me some Roomba.

God I love dual monitors.

Didn’t we do this one like, 3 or 4 times already?

only if the bag it wet and has holes.

I love this site soooo much, but I hate it soooo often.

they must have a boat load of these!

Since this is going to be up forever - here’s some info from Bushnell’s site on it:


I picked one of these up at the last woot off. Be wary if you use Windows 7. There are some wierd glitches with the directories it uses for the install and you may need to adjust your security settings (not just running as an admin) for each folder to allow you to write as an admin. Took me some time to figure out the problem and the Bushnell site did not help. So, if it happens to you, know that the problem is likely a folder permission issue.

That’s funny – the first wooter was Robertconklin, which was the name of the principal on “Our Miss Brooks” back in the 1940s…

I know!! I want a scooba. It looks like the robotic floor cleaning guys are hording these during this wootoff!

going quick - everyone in for three

Yay Geocaching! Although I suggest using a Garmin GPS.