Bushnell ONIX 400 GPS with XM NEXRAD Weather

why do I want one? Seriously, why?

Got one of these in my Fecal Bag from Christmas. Didn’t work; the thing was literally filled with water.

Keep up the fast pace. Love it. Real boring when it gets stuck on one item for 30 minutes or more. Time to go to bed when that happens.

Sweet dreams

They’re awesome if you’re into geocaching (which is loads of fun)

then it may just be time to go to bed for this one.

mine had a cracked screen… still worked

If I spit on this thing, will it think that it’s raining since it has weather in it?

Description FAIL: "128mb microSD card included (accepts microSD cards up to at least 512mb )

Not to interrupt, but: are the woot-off trackers down now? mywoot.net shows the first deal from the woot-off for me and is not budging; other trackers likewise.


If you want to listen to XM radio in the woods (which is a subscription) or be able to see the weather (another subscription) this thing is worthless. It has none of the abilities a good hunting/camping GPS would have.

Glad there wasn’t many of these.

how much was it