Bushnell WeatherFX 5-Day Weather Forecaster

either i shell out 20+ bucks, or I look up when I go outside. pros and cons…

If mister bushnell is rolling in his grave, who’s to say they might be necropheliacs??

There’s an app for that…

Con: A bird might poop in your eye…

Con: It’s raining, and you didn’t know until you went out and looked up… If only you had one of these… :o(

I just discovered that my weather app will show (animated) rain on the screen then a windshield wiper comes down and cleans it. LOL

Hey, where do you see how many of these have been sold / % of total?

You don’t, you can only guesstimate.

sooo unnecessary!

I thought it was cute…

You kinda have to be able to do quick estimates, because it doesn’t tell how many are sold, but the percent of how many bought were 1, 2, or 3 total. Then, the percent can be found on some of the woot watching stuff, or if you are good at checking the bar…

So, there is really no way to check how many are left, just estimates.

Wonder what the weather app would show if there was a tornado? However, I don’t really want to see it THAT bad.

No, it’s what all the weather websites and smartphone apps are for.

Of the 150 cities listed for this thing, the closest one is over 150 miles from me. Not good enough.

Good luck to all. I’m going to get acquainted with my pillow for a while.

Yeah, you don’t, lol… We were told we had three touch down here this weekend. We lost about 50 shingles, and the siding took some damage from the hail. We don’t have any big trees, but all those around us that have some lost them, totally uprooted.

Was a rough weekend, lol

I second that. Good night Wo…zzzzzzz

Ah, math at ~2AM. Thanks.

lol! Sorry, but you asked!

I been looking for one. My wish came true, staying up this extra hour. Night to all…