Bushnell WeatherFX 5-Day Weather Forecaster

okay, someone buy this…quickly.

where on earth do they get these things

Will this take the place of the local Meteorologist? More Accurate?

Haha AccuWeather! Does that mean it will continue sending me severe weather notifications up to 6 hours AFTER they expire?

I choked on my own vomit when I realized another bushnell product. the people at woot must be in bed with mr busnell amirite?

Mines called linux and it pwns your winderz.

This really is cool i got one next to my desk just make sure that it works for your city

Besides that this thing is sweet ans dark bluw for Wichita KS

LOL! Daniel Tosh’s joke on Survivor = awesomeness!

Woot’s in bed with a bush…

either i shell out 20+ bucks, or I look up when I go outside. pros and cons…

If mister bushnell is rolling in his grave, who’s to say they might be necropheliacs??

There’s an app for that…

Con: A bird might poop in your eye…

Con: It’s raining, and you didn’t know until you went out and looked up… If only you had one of these… :o(

I just discovered that my weather app will show (animated) rain on the screen then a windshield wiper comes down and cleans it. LOL

Hey, where do you see how many of these have been sold / % of total?

You don’t, you can only guesstimate.

sooo unnecessary!

I thought it was cute…

You kinda have to be able to do quick estimates, because it doesn’t tell how many are sold, but the percent of how many bought were 1, 2, or 3 total. Then, the percent can be found on some of the woot watching stuff, or if you are good at checking the bar…

So, there is really no way to check how many are left, just estimates.