Business Class Desktops & Laptops

okay - can someone explain why the price differences between the:

Dell Latitude 15.6" i5 256GB SSD - 8GB memory laptop - $659.99

Dell Latitude 14" 256GB SSD - 8GB memory Ultrabook - $749.99

Dell Latitude 14" 128GB SSD - 4GB memory Ultrabook - $749.99

I do see the specs, but they’re not much different than each other. Why would a 256GB SSD be the same price as the 128GB SSD?

Why the one with a larger screen be $100 cheaper?

All of their CPU’s are the same. Their memory, 2 are the same at 8GB and the other has 4GB.

The Latitude E7440 ultrabook with the smaller 128GB solid-state hard drive (SSD) has a full HD 1920X1080 resolution screen, while the E7440 with the larger 256GB SSD only has a 1366X768 resolution screen. There may be other difference, but I think those are the big ones

The Latitude E5540 is not in the ultrabook class, so it has a CD/DVD drive and is heavier. It too has the lower resolution screen. Also, there is only a 1 year warranty from Dell with this one, while the two E7440 ultrabooks have a 3-year Dell warranty.


These are Business Class? But what about my engineering classes and English and stuff?

I’ll see myself out…

Can anyone provide me their experience with the ThinkPad Tablet 2?

I have been looking at tablets for only a few weeks now… looking for one I can use in school (needs to have Microsoft Office functionality, pdf, etc). It would be nice to have an external keyboard also.

I currently have an iPhone and Macbook Pro, but would like to avoid going the iPad route unless it absolutely blows the competition out of the water. If
I have purchased microsoft office on my Macbook, will the licsense transfer to either an ipad or this lenovo?


Edit: just found this, “Office Home & Student 2013
As of 06/13, select Windows 8 models* will include a full version of Office Home & Student 2013. Do more with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote preloaded on your PC. No additional purchase required.
*Excludes Windows 8 Pro models.” Since this model is Pro, I will have to figure out if the version I purchased for Mac will get me anywehere.

Warranty help -

I purchased the 8gb 256gb Latitude 7440, it’s listed with a 3yr Dell Warranty.

When I looked up the service tag through Dell (and even called them) it’s listed with no warranty information.

Additionally, in the package is a sticker with a different service tag with a 6/2014 date, so I looked that up, but it’s listed as a Dell Dimension desktop from 2003!

What’s the key figuring out the warranty, how do I find and activate it?