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Memory: 4GB DDR3

Anyone know if it can be upgraded to 8GB?

Could you narrow down which laptop you’re looking at? :\

Commenting on the E7440’s

Yes, you can upgrade to 8 or 16GB of ram. There are two DIMM’s that are easily accessible when you remove the battery, then two screws, then slide the bottom cover off. Super easy. NOTE: The CPU is SOLDERED to the motherboard on this system. You can not upgrade the CPU.

We are distributing these at work right now. They are VERY nice machines - much nicer than the E6420/30 line. Ours have 1080p IPS touchscreens and SSD’s (toshiba). Note, the SSD in our machines is the 128GB - it is a PCI-express drive plugged into a SATA adapter, plugged into the motherboard. Seems silly to me. The E7440’s offered here do NOT have the nice screen… which is very disappointing…

Memory: 4GB DDR3

Anyone know if the 14" i5 Carbon w/win7Prof can be upgraded to 8GB?

Here’s the lenovo tech specs page.

Supports up to 8GB


Does the Dell Latitude 14 come with a touchscreen?

I’m interested in the Lenovo carbons, but is it possible to upgrade to a three year warranty on those?

Not through us. You might check with Lenovo to see if you can through them since they’re new.

You can also look into a SquareTrade warranty.

I’m just going to abstain until this laptop (or similar) hits again.

The last ~five sales have had a refurbished laptop with half the ram for the same price. If anything, I won’t even get the linked deal unless that price drops even further given that Intel’s coming out with new chips in the next few months.

Picked up the $999 Carbon X1 and already have it in my hands. VERY solid machine, at what I consider a good (not great) price. I really wanted to stick to Win 7, so this machine is perfect for me.

Oh, and the machine is telling me I have 1100+ days till the warrantee runs out. :wink: