Business Class Notebooks & Tablets

Bought the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 for $199.99 NEW about a week ago. You can find it for $249.99 NEW from a very reputable (and popular) camera dealer based in New York City…

For deeper insight:

The only difference I can see is that the w00t! deal includes Win8 Pro, rather than Win8 Home edition, which will probably be irrelevant to most. On the other hand, the w00t! deal doesn’t appear to include Office Home and Student 2013 as does the link to the other deal, and that might be more relevant to potential purchasers.

I love our E7440’s at work. About to order another batch. All of our users love them too. Lightweight, great screens, good size, great keyboards. Just nice laptops.

Have two of the HP Elitebook 9470m laptops in place- and both users absolutely love them. They are lightweight, small, powerful, and because they are business class HPs- they pass military toughness standards. That price is decent too.

Best part about business class HP’s is the available docking station (Dell and Lenovo have them as well). When using the dock, it’s nice to just plug in at the desk and get a second (usually much larger) monitor, a regular keyboard, mouse, etc.

Just my two cents here, but do not buy a refurb PC from Woot. I made this mistake, the PC that was sent was not what they advertised, they installed the wrong OS (Win 7, not Win 8), and then did a crap job of it. Then to top it off key that they supplied was bogus.
I opened a ticket, and got a response after about 2 days asking for information, then nothing. My emails, have received not response, new support cases that I have opened have received no response.

YMMV, but if you are buying a PC from Woot, expect to receive the wrong PC, and have to re-install, and purchase as windows key. Essentially, the price you see, is really that plus the Key, plus your time re-installing. You aren’t saving money. You are just getting a used sub-par machine.

Hi James. I’m sorry for the problems with your PC. We did have a small number of those computers that went out with the wrong OS. You can either return it for a refund or accept a discount to keep it as is.

I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look for your case.

Thanks, I appreciate your response. But I have opened case after case and emailed more than a few times and never received only a single response. To be quite frank, I have no reason to believe that anything will come of your CS report.

With the lack of responses, and the actively ignoring of my case(s), I believe that my best course of action would be to dispute with the credit card company, and let Woot! argue with someone they will actually respond to.

Not impressed by those Lenovo “deals”

You can get a much better deal from Tigerdirect or Newegg - I got a bunch of Thinkpad E540 for $650 each with a newer i5 and 8 GB of ram.

Here is a super deal on an i7 Thinkpad E540 for $679

Sorry Woot, I thought you were about good deals on good products. Seems pretty meh lately.