Business Class PCs: Cheap, Yet New

Anybody know how upgradable this PC is?

Graphics card, power supply, etc?

As far as upgrade ability you can’t do anything with the video card in these Dell laptops. What you see is what you get. You can however usually upgrade the CPU (within the same family), RAM, and HDD (SSD preferred). As far as upgrading a power supply, I’m not sure what your referring to when talking about a laptop, you will want to use a power adapter that has the same voltage output.

Edit: I now see your referring to the desktop.

Ha! Yes, referring to the desktop. Need something for my dad and if I can get by with this and just upgrade some components over time that would be ideal. Unfortunately I am finding no real reviews on this product!

Longtime Dell Latitude user. I used to have an E5430. It’s a bit disappointing compared to the previous generation of Dell Latitude E series.
It doesn’t feel as durable, and the previous generation had DisplayPort. Dell removed it on the E5430 in favor of the older HDMI. Baffling.