Business Class PCs

Seems like the 6540 is a hell of a deal! Way better specs and price than on the dell site and good review here:

Been looking for exactly this since I already have the docking station and dual monitors. In for one!

Our last batch of laptops we ordered at work were all 7440’s. They are really nice, light weight, built pretty tough. The users love them.

These are about 2/3 of the price we paid for them. Good deals.

Don’t forget to compare prices with the Dell Outlet. They often have these same models plus “scratch n dents” for dirt cheap vs how much they still cost brand new. And Dell still fully warranties any of their Outlet deals.

Does the Dell Latitude E6540 allow me to connect to the Dell E-Port Replicator?

Yes, it does. BTW, the “plus” version of the docking station is best because it supports dual monitors. I have that one and it is great!

“14” HD anti-glare LED-backlit display with 1366 x 768 resolution showcases movies and games in stunning clarity"

Not. Nobody will be “stunned” by 1366 x 768. 2560 x 1600 is the minimum to claim “stunning” but really it should be 4K. That statement would be most accurate if it said “Meets the bare-minimum for modern laptops.”

I use a E6530 for work, and it’s a great machine. If it’s in your means, I suggest downloading all drivers from Dell, wiping and installing a fresh Windows copy, then install drivers. Maybe save your old Dell image.

Just switched from a Dell to an HP laptop at work about a month ago. I preferred the arrow key layout on the dell - the HP squeezes up and down into 1 key’s height, I am not used to it yet. But my Dell was freezing up a lot, apparently happened a lot with the particular model I had (M-series).

Sorry Jay, I dont know who you are quoting but this unit is 1080p with 15.6 screen.

This is the deal of the year. Noting on Dell even the outlet has the specs and price. Remember folks this is new with a three year Dell warranty. I am not trying to hype Dell as on their own site is 2plus grand. Woot you doing it baby. Sorry I am not in the market.

Business Class PCs

Like normal PCs, but with extra legroom.

Swingers fan, perhaps?

Does HP or Dell still make any laptop model that has a decent keyboard with tapered keycaps?

Lenovo switched over to cheap chicklet keys a rev or two ago, and I see these Apple-me-too-style keys on the Elitebooks as well. I gave the new tpad chicklet keyboard a year, and still bites the gnat’s hindquarters. I want a better option. Is there hope?

I have a Lenovo T420s and it has been an outstanding machine. I wish this were an S available.

To be fair, on a 13.3" screen, it’s not going to be quite as bad. There are still plenty of 15.6" models running at the same resolution.

And I just want to say that HP Z620 is a beast. Dual hex core Xeons? Wow. Anyone got $1600 they don’t need?

Kinda like the 1976 Canon FILM SLR in the picture. What message are they trying to send to the viewer?

The only non 768p screen I see that is interesting is the Thinkpad T430S with a 900p screen, that is probably what I would go with for a good solid laptop.

Ooo, interesting. Am I correct in concluding that the HP Z620 12-core tower of doom has no video output – either on-board or discrete?

Correct. You would have to supply your own graphics card if you wanted to connect a monitor directly to the computer.

For the Woot today: Lenovo Thinkpad X230T Convertible Laptop, 12.5"

Woot Price : $1,149.99 Retail: $1,699.00 32% off List Price.

$1149.99 + $5 Shipping = $1154.99

Not sure where the “deal” is here because you can get this exact same laptop cheaper at amazon for Price: **$1,040.36 & FREE SHIPPING **

Got my new lappy and am typing this post. Sooo glad I got in on this deal, as this thing is smoke’n fast!! Thanks WOOT!