Busy Little Dalek

Ah, Daleks are kinder when they accessorize ; )

Office worker Daleks explain soo much.

Never thought I’d see a darling Dalek.

Can’t decide if that’s a typo typo or a bad reference to Spy Kids.

I didn’t know Daleks were so talented.

I had almost this exact idea, and I am now sad. But I’m glad it was Doomcat who made it. Mine was much broader than Daleks, but used the same sort of word focus. |3 Alas, it is too late for it. It has been exterminated. :stuck_out_tongue:

No procrastinate? Maybe it’ll be added later…

I want a shirt with just the little Borg.

No no
typo typo

Doctor Who and INXS mashup?

Reminds me of the “friendly” CL4P-TP (Clap Trap) robots from Borderlands. Delightful!

“Duplicate” makes me wonder if a scene from Office Space isn’t brewing…

You forgot Pontificate, it would have been cool to see a Dalek in a funny pope hat.

I’d like that.

Funny shirt, although I object to “carbohydrate” on the grounds that it’s not a verb.

we could always just claim that carbohydrate is now a verb, meaning to intake carbohydrates, akin to carbo-loading. :slight_smile:

see. since i can make it a verb, it is a verb!

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It looks like the writeup is a spoof on the INXS song “Mediate.” Maybe the video will jog your memory:
The video, of course, is a spoof of a Bob Dylan video. and so on, and so on.

You beat me to it! Here’s a better link:

I try to avoid carbohydrating as much as possible :slight_smile:

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Yeah…I like this one…