Butterball Turkey Fryer

**Item: **Butterball Turkey Fryer
Price: $64.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $21 Two-Day OR $24 One-Day
Condition: New

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Butterball Turkey Fryer
Price: $64.99
Condition: New

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14 pounds is a tiny turkey. Be careful.

I’ve heard horror stories about frozen turkeys and outside frying situations.

Does this pose a significant fire risk, or is it a bit safer since it seems to be all contained/no flames?

*EDIT: 24 and I’ve never tried fried turkey. You have no idea how much I have wanted to try it.

I’m wondering if you could use this to brew beer. How many gallons is it?

Remember, safety first!

Very good reviews (4.5+ out of 5.0) over at masterbuilt.com and TONS of great reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at qvc.com

I wonder how many corn dogs or chicken breast tenders it would hold???

And I wonder how many people are going to use expedited shipping, in attempt to have this in time for Thanksgiving.

This seems kinda like http://www.amazon.com/Masterbuilt-23011014-Butterball-Electric-Capacity/dp/B00BWKN0H2 – only $33 cheaper.

Seems a little spendy for cooking turkeys. Unless you love them an awful lot.

Mandatory Turkey Safety Video


Sorry if the song is now stuck in your head.

That one’s the 20-lb size. The woot one is the 14-lb size.

I was just thinking the same thing. You have to be pretty damn desperate for a turkey fryer to take the chance of this being delivered on time.

Good luck, suckers!

They’re small this year, 13 to 16 lbs. but we normally make a 22 lb. bird. We also don’t fry the bird so we’re not in for 1. The home shopping shows are selling these for a lot more money.

In for one. 1 hour to cook a 14 pound bird. Plus, you do super bowl parties, you’re dropping the basket one time for 50 wings. Priceless.

Ive read some reports in the past that the electric fryers have problems restoring temperature after dropping the turkey. I hope they fixed this problem.

We’ve had this for a couple years now (probably a previous model by now). It works perfectly.

Someone asked above about frozen turkeys…that’s a definite NO! Now…you won’t burn your house down with this like you would with an open flame, but you’d have scolding hot oil all over you and anything else in the vicinity.

Fried turkeys rock…they really are delicious. It’s pricey to do them (with the cost of peanut oil) but, man…look forward to it every year!

What are the chances of this making it to my door before Thanksgiving if I select 1 day shipping?

The same chances you would have if you selected Two-Day Shipping…except greater?