Butterball XL Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

This deal is why I have been coming back to Woot everyday for the last year. In for 1+

I also use mine in the garage. Allow extra time if the outside temp is really cold, unless your garage is better insulated. This is also great for boiling. We have used ours for potatoes, crab, lobsters, corn, etc.

I have this item and I love it. Honestly, I use it every Thanksgiving and then at least two more times during the year for seafood boils. Totally safe, not messy and pretty easy to clean up.

If it will fit in the fryer, then you can fry it, boil it, steam it.

Can it make apple fritter rings?


I have the XL and its bigger brother, the XXL. We use them several times a year for turkey breasts, french fries, and occasionally doughnuts. They’re my favorite piece of kitchen hardware.

Well, have wanted to get this sort of set-up to cook turkey for a long time…This seems like the best of all worlds, being able to fry and steam and not burn the house down…AT LEAST IT BETTER BE! Can’t wait…!!

I purchased the XL last year and I must say that I do like it. I wish I had more time to cook so I could use it more often. Unlike some others, I have used mine inside without an issue and have not noticed an oil aroma throughout the house nor has anyone else visiting shortly after frying a turkey. Not only has it been used for turkey, it has been used for corn dogs, chicken fried steaks and taquitos to name just a few. If I didn’t already have one of these I would definitely be in for one.

Great product and useful for converting the masses to fried turkey for Thanksgiving.

I have the smaller black one that handles 14lb bird (but really 11-12lb). I cook huge thanksgiving meals and believe freeing up the oven is the most important factor in buying this product. The entire bird is perfectly cooked there is less hassle and less waste so smaller birds are not a problem.

You can also do smaller birds most of the way and then finish them in oven for more in less time.

Best turkey, fun, and easy to repeat exact results. It’s a no-brainer and I’ve traveled with it twice to the east coast to spread the word through Thanksgiving meals and bachelor parties.

Keep in mind this is a big box and this is a larger size than the one I use so you will need be certain you have the space.

Right? Firefighters will have to be on their toes for idiots that will now try to fry frozen turkeys INSIDE their house.


The internal basket dims are 14.21" x 11.02" x 5.31", 1.36lbs.

It’s just you.

I’ve had a version of this for years and have never had any sort of issue with this. It’s electric. There’s no flame. It is as safe as any other deep fryer on your counter.

This being said, I use mine outside. It creates a lot of steam and just fogs up my windows. I miss out of the glorious smell of it frying though.

DecEdent is somewone who has died. The word you SHOULD have used is decAdent!!!

Not a disaster at all. I have used it on my counter top numerous times and its perfect.

I picked this one up for $140 at our hardware store for Thanksgiving. First time ever frying turkey. It came out perfect! Juicy and tender for both light/dark meat. It even cooked a 15 lb turkey in less than 1 hour. I don’t think we will ever go back to cooking turkeys in an oven. Here are some tips…

Get a brine kit if you’ve never done it before. They usually have everything you need including a brine bag incase you don’t have a clean food safe container.

After brining (usually 1lb per hour), rotate the turkey around a bit over the sink to drain it well.Let it air dry for an hour.

While it is drying, put the fryer outside. Clean and fill the fryer with cooking oil up to the MAX mark. Start the fryer and set it to 350.

Melt one stick of unsalted butter and apply it to the skin of the turkey all over.

Make one last check to make sure that the turkey is dry! This is critical unless you enjoy visits to the hospital!

Place the turkey in the basket and slowly drop it down in the tub. If you did everything right, it should be uneventful.

Cook it for approximately 45 minutes and then temp the turkey. Check up on it in 10 minute increments till it is done.

If you use fresh oil, you can probably get another turkey or two with it.

If you clean everything out afterwards and then use fresh oil… it can make awesomely giant elephant ears! :smiley:

(Edit: Don’t do this inside your house! Don’t do this with crappy extension cords. Has to be 15A rated or better yet, use an outdoor outlet directly.)

It can fry id say a little over 22b bird, i cook a 21+ bird and it fits, and thats with using 3 gals of oil… and have zero problem…it says to use 2.75 gal max

no, it says that boiling water would ruin the heating element

These fryers are awesome and safe. Doesn’t involve open flame, it uses a heating element so there is no fire risk. The number one problem with turkey fryers is that people over fill oil before it hot, then once they get boiling boils over and hits open gas flame and whammy fire!! these have the heating element sit inside the oil so impossible for fire, the only thing you have to do is make sure you use a fresh bird, or fully defrosted bird, because oil and water do not mix, so it would bubble over.

I use 21 lb bird in this, it fits fine, and use the whole big jug of peanut oil(3 gals) which is usually what they sell around holidays and it fits fine.

375* hour and 15 minutes and your done…

there is also a drain spout at the bottom to drain oil back into jug.

I spent well over 100$ for mine and it was worth every penny.
you will offer to cook the bird every time from here out

The directions do say to fill with oil or water to the max line. so, looks like water works as well.

My brother just got one for Thanksgiving and his large turkey turned out perfect. Even the white meat was juicy. He used a “fresh” bird so no worry about frozen. Never had a better meal.